Player Profile: Maizey Szczepanek


Name: Maizey Szczepanek

Grade: Sophomore

Sport: Girls Basketball

Position: Guard

How many years have you been playing basketball? What do you like about basketball?

“I’ve been playing for nine years and I love the competitiveness of the sport.”

What is your goal as a player this season?

“My goal as a player is to stay focused on what I need to do in order to help the team.”

What is your favorite part about being on this team?

“My favorite part about being on the team is being able to work with all the great girls everyday.”

Who is your inspiration when it comes to sports? Why?

“My inspiration for sports is basically anyone I compete against, it’s the main thing that drives me to do better everyday.”

What are your pregame rituals? How do these help you prepare for games?

“Before the game I normally like to do handshakes that I’ve come up with all the other girls because it helps keeps everyone loose and not stressed and also creates a good sense of trust.”

What is a quote that inspires you? Why?

“Leave it all out on the field (or court) is probably my favorite quote. It just really hits home with me like what do I have to lose.”

Do you play any other sports at FHC? If so, which sport is your favorite and why?

“I also play softball and that’s my favorite sport. When I’m playing softball I’m always having a good time and it really relieves all the stress I have.”