Hit or miss sports movies


In 4 Minute Mile, a young teenager is faced with many tragedies throughout his journey to run a mile in under four minutes. Drew Jacobs, played by Kelly Blatz, puts his trust in the help of Coach Coleman to help him achieve his goal. Drew first started running as an outlet; he needed somewhere to put all of the anger and sadness into. He sticks with running and doesn’t fall down his brother’s path of doing drugs and getting involved with the wrong crowd.

I would give this movie a nine on a scale of one to ten. 4 Minute Mile moved me to tears at times. The determination of Drew Jacobs was admirable and inspirational, making the movie meaningful. This movie truly showed the hard work and grit that runners put in for them to run at their best potential.

I’d add this movie to your must-watch list; you’re not going to want to miss out. Whether you’re as tough as a rock or cry at the drop of a hat, I guarantee that watching this movie will hit home with almost anyone.