Squibb Cafe has refreshing tastes but lacks an upbeat atmosphere


Walking into Squibb Cafe, several pairs of eyes flickered toward me, soon losing interest and resuming work with a focused intensity. Despite receiving cold stares from customers, I was warmed up to the atmosphere by the barista, the many plants scattered throughout, and the giant mural of a squid. Although the cafe was relatively full because of the number of chairs and barstools filled, Squibb Cafe still felt a little empty.

My personal taste in cafes is rather unique in the way that I crave upbeat energy from the atmosphere and an aromatic and strong drink. On the contrary, this cafe was seemingly devoid of life; perhaps that was due to the fact that everyone there was busy clicking away at computers and quietly working toward their work goal. Nevertheless, the lack of the socializing aspect was not enough to dash my high hopes and expectations.

Aside from the clearly more peaceful atmosphere, the drinks, service, and decoration of Squibb Cafe were wonderful. Rich smells of brewing drinks wafted through the air to my nose, while vague hisses came from the machines as they tirelessly chugged along to steep the drink to perfection.

Being the basic teenager that I am, I ordered one of the more typical drinks: a vanilla latte. Upon reflection, I wish I had been daring enough to step out past my comfort zone and test my taste buds/preferences with a more exotic drink. Despite the commonality of the drink, Squibb was able to differentiate it in my mind from other drinks.

Their vanilla latte was embellished with a leafy design that caramelized as a golden amber color. Underneath the initial sweet taste was an accented taste of spices and espresso that lingered in my mouth after each sip. With every drink from the tilted mug, I felt warmed to my core which effectively combatted the cold air that threatened to overwhelm me. For its price of $3.50, the vanilla chai was worth it in taste and quality.

Accompanying the vanilla chai was a plate of bread with a sort of spicy bruschetta and cheese that my friend ordered. By the time it arrived to where we were sitting, I was beyond ready to dig into the cheese platter. Each piece of the platter was delectable in its own way. The soft bread was surrounded by a crunchier outer shell, the salsa-type spread was a little spicy and smooth, and the cheese brought it all together as the soft piquant cheese triangle contrasted the other elements in a perfect balance of tastes. To say the least, it was delicious.

Despite the near silence except for the coffee machinery, Squibb Cafe was a very likable cafe with quality food that would be perfect for a dreary day. Perfect for focused studying or quiet reflection and not loud social excursions, Squibb is a cozy and pleasant place to visit in East Town.