Jackson Baldwin brings his positivity to his job at Arby’s


Every Saturday, a truck pulls up to the newly-remodeled Arby’s on 28th Street, delivering a week’s supply of meat. Senior Jackson Baldwin is part of the crew responsible for hauling the shipments into the store.

“I unload the truck and put everything where it belongs,” Jackson said. “It’s kind of like bringing in the groceries for Arby’s.”

Of course, that’s not the only responsibility of his job at Arby’s. Jackson covers the drive-thru and many of the other positions needed for the place to run.

Jackson has been a crucial member of the Arby’s team since he got the job in November of his junior year.

His easygoing nature has made him suitable for any job at hand, and his roles can range from behind-the-scenes maintenance to face-to-face customer interaction.

“I gained a lot of experience with talking to strangers,” Jackson said. “Most of the people who come in [are people] I don’t know, and I rarely ever see anyone from school come in. So I have to improvise and be adaptable.”

Arby’s was named one of the top quick-serve dining experiences in the country in a recent study, and it isn’t for no reason. Even with laid-back managers, Arby’s staff everywhere know how to create a proactive and friendly team of employees.

Jackson and his co-workers are no exception: they have developed a strong bond, reflected in their work ethic and love for the job. Jackson works on both weekends and weekdays, with hours totaling up to about 20 per week.

“My managers aren’t really strict, but we still get the job done,” Jackson said. “We’re just happy to be there.”

A few months ago, Arby’s was remodeled. Even in the midst of chaos and construction, the drive-thru remained open.

“Working the drive-thru [during that time] was a little stressful,” Jackson said. “We had to work around everything while the construction was going on. While they worked on the lobby, we had the drive-thru open, so I was there. It was okay, though, because [my co-workers] were there [with me] too.”

We’re always ready to serve, refresh, and delight.”

— Jackson Baldwin

Not only are Jackson and his team loyal to the store despite taxing conditions, but they are also there to support each other at work.

“I don’t like working the drive-thru by myself,” Jackson said. “But when I have someone there with me, it’s a lot less stressful and a lot more fun.”

While many students at FHC hold jobs, Jackson is one who knows how to handle his time well. He balances school and work even when he works late hours.

“Sometimes, I don’t get out of work until 10:30 at night, but it works out,” Jackson said. “I make sure I have time for other things. I keep a calendar, so I have a nice balance.”

Jackson brings his positivity and ability to be flexible under special circumstances to other aspects of his life as well, like marching band.

He attended the football team’s last game with the band, where he and the rest of the drumline played cadences to cheer up fellow spectators.

“It was cold and rainy, but we tried to make the most fun out of it that we could,” Jackson said. “The [football] team wasn’t playing its best, but it was still fun.”

With three brothers, Jackson knows how important family is.

“My brothers and I are buds,” Jackson said. “I used to hang out with [my brother] Nick a lot, but now he’s at college, and I miss him.”

Jackson and his brothers would always come up with clever ideas to bring positivity to FHC.

A few years ago, Jackson and Nick made gummy worm treats and sold them to students.

“[Nick] and I looked up a video on YouTube that told us to put gummy worms in a bag with Kool Aid powder and sell them,” Jackson said. “They actually sold pretty well because people loved them.”

Whether it’s his job at Arby’s, band, or his family, Jackson puts in heart and joy. They say your vibe attracts your tribe, and that’s certainly true for the people in Jackson’s life.

“Everyone’s always happy; that’s the work environment at Arby’s,” Jackson said. “We’re always ready to serve, refresh, and delight.”