Ways To Improve Your Game: Balancing School and Sports

Ways To Improve Your Game: Balancing School and Sports

Zoe Lipke, Sports Reporter

Everyday there are two practices that I have to go to, homework that I have to complete, and places I have to be. Between soccer, basketball, and school I have my hands full. With no open dates in my schedule, I am always on the move. However, I have learned to balance my busy schedule well. Above all, I have put one thing first: school.

There are many things that contribute to an athlete receiving a scholarship, and taking their game to the next level: college. If you’re a terrific athlete, but don’t have the grades to back you up, then colleges won’t be willing to take you as much as the player with the better grades. Finding the balance between school and your athletics is a essential key to becoming a better player.

Some athletes seem to think that they can pass out of high school without much worry and then proceed to college for their specific sport. I was one of those kids. I had to bring into realization how important my grades were, if I wanted even a sliver of hope of going to play in college. You go to school based on your level of education and based on your grades, then they look at your athletics.

Once I put my school before sports I started to excel. I realized that I could be great in both and not have to have the constant reminder of bad grades sitting on my shoulders. If you are ever debating on studying for a test coming up, or going to practice, I strongly recommend staying in that night and studying. You will be grateful you did.