The world is a huge place, and I haven’t seen it


This world is a huge place, and I haven’t seen a fraction of it. I’ve explored southeast Asian villages and huge metropolitan cities, but I haven’t even begun to explore the boundless beauty that the world has to offer. I want to remove myself from the concrete jungles and transport myself into real jungles complete with towering trees, hundreds of layers of leaves, and a dense canopy that blends into the clouds. I long to stare into a sea that melts into the sky as my feet sink into the sand, and the water calmly brushes the tips of my toes. I yearn to be able to board a train that circles the entire world, stopping every few days in the world’s nooks and crannies, but continuing on around the world without halt.

This world is seething and swarming with exceptional people, each utterly unique and distinct from any other, and I haven’t met them. I picture myself dancing around with locals to the authoritative beat of a drum, my arms twirling like ribbons in the wind. I’d love to meet new people from all walks of life and just chat about their struggles, passions, and stories. There are billions upon billions of people with stories to tell, and I want to hear all of them. I imagine being surrounded by glistening eyes, laughing, and experiencing pure joy that can only come from genuine interaction with people you’ve never met before.

This world is exploding with sounds. Sounds unlike any I’ve heard before, that can only be found at that exact place and time. I want to hear the rushing power of cascading waterfalls or the gentle breath of the wind. Even better, I want to experience the sound of nothing at all: not even the crickets chirping or the breeze blowing. Complete silence that completely encapsulates you and transports you to a whole different dimension; I’ve yet to hear it.

This world is loaded with delectable food, and I’ve never tried any of it. I envision trekking down the narrow alleys of the smallest village with food stalls brimming with tasty treats and local delicacies. I imagine cooking up a seafood meal that was caught on a sea expedition earlier in the morning. I thirst for fresh and healthy food that satisfies my taste buds like no other before. I crave aliment that is bursting with mounds of exotic spices and ingredients that send my senses into overload and allow me to experience flavor that I never knew was possible.

This world, and all of the sights, souls, sounds, smells, and spectacles that accompany it, is just waiting to be explored. I long to be able to hop on a boat and sail straits and rivers while passing through quaint large towns, cities, and beyond. I dream about being surrounded by dense jungle, sandy beaches, barren desert, or any terrain in between. I want to see things I’ve never seen and be places I’ve never been. I yearn to wake up each morning unaware of my surroundings or in a different place from the night before. I want to travel the world and take in every spectacular sight on my journey.