Audrey’s Sports Blog: The losing Lions winning streak has ended


Audrey Sidebotham , Sports Reporter

The Losing Lions winning streak ended on Thanksgiving, losing to Vikings 23-30. Their record is now 6-5. After a devastating loss, I came to the conclusion that the Lions have no good players anymore.

I know on my previous blog I talked about Matthew Stafford and T.J. Lang being the Lions’ number one players, but they have made me lose faith in them. Both of them playing terribly on Thursday.

I’m going to first talk about Stafford and his dreadful passes. His terrible passes caused the Lions to lose. It wasn’t even the passes that he threw that were bad, it was the passes he didn’t throw. He didn’t get open or run the ball when he could. Instead, he just stood there, ready to get tackled.

Not only that, but Stafford took a severe blow to his knees, and thankfully will be out for the rest of the season. That gives our backup quarterback, Jake Rudock, a chance to prove himself and hopefully put the Lions season back on the track to success.

Now, don’t even get me started on T.J. Lang’s performance. He missed more blocks than Andre Drummond misses free throws. His performance, to say the least, was horrific. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t start the next game.

I still love the Lions, don’t get me wrong. However, their performances lately have made me lose my faith and my passion for them. To be honest, the lions in the zoo could play better than the Detroit Lions did on Thursday.