Player Profile: Haisley Turnquist


Jessica Borowsky, Sports Reporter

Name: Haisley Turnquist

Grade: Sophomore

Sport: Girls basketball

Position: Shooting guard

How many years have you been playing basketball? What do you like about basketball?

“I’ve been playing basketball seriously since 8th grade but I had started getting into it when I was in 5th grade. I really like the adrenaline of the game and I like how close the team gets. It’s a very tough sport but I like the challenge.”

What is your goal as a player this season?

“My goal as a player this season is to really push myself to be a better player overall. I want to be a more aggressive player and harder on defense.”

What is your favorite part about being on this team?

“My favorite part of being on this team is how close we get with each other. We spend quite a lot of time together throughout the season and it’s really beneficial; being closer as a team really helps us on the court.”

Who is you inspiration when it comes to sports? Why?

“My inspiration when it comes to sports is probably just watching college basketball, whether it be boys or girls, and seeing how hard they play and how good they are. I have always wanted to play a sport in college and I definitely think that basketball may be the one. But if I had to pick a person, I think that it would be my older sister, Shelby. She played basketball starting in elementary school all the way through high school. She has become a huge role model for me in basketball because she never failed to show me hard work.”

What are your pregame rituals? How do these help you prepare for games?

“Before games, I put in my headphones and I listen to some good pump-up music and eat some good food. I usually just close my eyes and visualize how I want the game to go and then right before we go out, I say a quick prayer for me and my team. I always tend to get nervous before games so I do anything I can to calm my nerves.”

What is a quote that inspires you? Why?

“The quote that inspires me the most is a verse from the bible, Proverbs 4:23, “Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.” I like this quote because it shows that if I have negative thoughts, then my life will be negative. I use this in basketball because it motivates me to stay positive even when things aren’t going my way because I know it’ll help me have a better game and attitude.”

Do you play any other sports at FHC? If so, which sport is your favorite and why?

“I also play golf for FHC. I can’t really pick a favorite because I like them both so much and because they’re so different it allows me to experience more. Golf is very calming and more of a mind sport while basketball is adrenaline pumping and intense.”