Country club sports


Ali Czarnecki, Sports Reporter

When summer comes around, my first thought is getting outside and enjoying the weather. This attracts people to become more interested in what I like to call “country club sports” These sports can be played at any age. Tennis, golf, swimming, and racquetball are very common sports played by people when summer rolls around.

For kids who participate in competitive sports year-round, they use these country club sports to stay in shape during the off season. For example, the swim team, this helps stay in shape while at the same time is more laid back and entertaining. When it comes to adults, country club sports are more for free-time and pleasure. Golf, tennis, and racquetball and the primary country club sports played by adults.

There are many benefits to playing all of these sports, kids can go into each sport not knowing much about it and learn by taking lessons and practicing to improve every day of the summer. These sports are excellent to learn as a young kid because as an adult, they are sports that will still be played. Unlike soccer, basketball, and baseball, that are only played at the adult level if they’re a professional.

The balance between enjoyable and peaceful is a major plus to these sports. That is why they are so popular. While a lot of other sports are more competitive and also fun to play, the “country club sports” are the ones that will be used the most in a lifetime by a person.