Ways To Improve Your Game: What kind of player are you going to be?


Zoe Lipke, Sports Reporter

Picture this: You have been playing football since you were little and obviously you are the best on your team. Sadly, you get injured, you’re out for a few weeks, but you will be able to play again this season. To your dismay, once you come back from your injury you soon discover how difficult it is going to be for you to get your starting spot back. You let this bring you down because you have never been in this predicament before.

However, you can easily avoid this post injury set back by staying positive, and by letting your injury motivate you into showing off your talent.

You have the choice in deciding what kind of player you are going to be once you come back: are you going to be the one that pouts because you aren’t starting and blame it all on your injury? Or are you going to be the fighter, and prove to your coaches, teammates, and yourself that you deserve to be back out there, and that no injury is going to hold you back?

Some athletes have never known what it is like to sit the bench. Which obviously is great for you, it goes to show how great of a player you are. But there will come a time when someone is better than you, and they are playing above you. How are you going to react to this? Will you fight back and prove yourself? Or are you going to sulk? Because trust me, coaches don’t throw pity parties for sulky players. They use your discouragement and negative attitude as a reason as to why you aren’t playing.

I know from experience how hard it is to get back to being your old self on the field or court after an injury. After being out the whole summer, it really took a damper on my athletics. But I continue to persevere in everything I do, no matter what circumstances, and have earned my place as an athlete on both teams that I play for. I never let my injury stop me from being positive, so why should your injury stop you?