College football playoff reactions



Clemson vs Alabama: Clemson. This a game between the two teams in the national championship. I believe this game is going to go down to the offense for both teams and Clemson’s offense is way too explosive behind QB Kelly Bryant.

Clemson 37 Alabama 20

Oklahoma vs Georgia: Oklahoma. All i have to say about this game is Baker Mayfield. He is a complete gamechanger and I think Oklahoma is too much for Georgia to handle. Georgia is has been very good down the stretch but Oklahoma is playing even better. This game is going to go into overtime and Oklahoma is going to squeak by.

Oklahoma 28 Georgia 21


Clemson vs Alabama (24-17 Clemson): In in rematch of last years national championship, these 2 powerhouse programs are bound to put on a show. Clemson is hot off a blowout win over the 7th ranked Miami Hurricanes. Some say Alabama shouldn’t have made the playoff and I agree. Ohio State has proved that they should be in purely off the eye test. This game will be close, but Clemson wins by 7.

Oklahoma vs Georgia (31-30 Georgia): With heisman leader Baker Mayfield behind center for the Sooners, they will pull out a close win. He has proven to be the clutchest and best quarterback in college football. Georgia has surprised a lot of people and they have been doubted all season. Both of these 2 teams have earned this position and will shine on the big stage come game time.


Clemson vs Alabama: This is a matchup of two of the top teams in college football. Most think Ohio State should be in the 4 spot instead of Alabama and most Clemson fans would much rather have seen the Buckeyes instead of the Tide in the first round after last years beat down. Clemson has been playing very well lately and will have a close game with Alabama which I think will come down to defense. Alabama has had no real tests this season except for Auburn who they lost to.

Prediction: Clemson 24 Alabama 21

Oklahoma vs Georgia: The next semi final matchup is between the Oklahoma Sooners and the Georgia Bulldogs. The Sooners have been tearing up the season with incredible offensive stats, the BIG 12 has been mediocre this year so they have not had any real tests so far except for the Buckeyes of Ohio State. The Georgia Bulldogs have had a impressive season with only one lose to Auburn who they beat last week in the SEC championship in a decisive 28 to 7 victory.

Prediction: Georgia 32 Oklahoma 28


Clemson vs Alabama: Clemson will throttle Alabama. Alabama doesn’t deserve to be in the situation they are in. Alabama didn’t win a conference championship; Ohio State did. Alabama did not beat one top 15 team; Ohio State beat three. So Alabama does not deserve it , therefore they will lose.

Georgia vs Oklahoma: Georgia run game will tear through the Oklahoma defense. The Big 12 teams have no defense. The Oklahoma offense will have a battle with a sec defense. Georgia will take this game