Player Profile: Ellie Matelic


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Zoe Lipke, Sports Reporter

Name: Ellie Matelic

Grade: 12

Sport: Women’s Ski Team

How long have you been skiing?

“I started skiing when I was three years old. My family often went on trips to Colorado when I was a child, so it was inevitable that I hit the slopes with them at an early age. I remember my dad taking me on the kiddie hill and teaching me how to “pizza” and turn. As I’d reach the bottom of the hill he would push me back up and we would go again. Skiing has never been my main sport; however, I do put it on the top of my “to-do” list every year. I am thrilled to be able to ski this season so many times a week, and make memories with my friends on the hills.”

Who or what has been your biggest inspiration?

“I am not very familiar with ski racing but I always watched Lindsey Vonn in the olympics and saw her amazing talent as a skier. Watching people smile as they complete a race is such a warming feeling, because it shows how much fun they’re having. But above all, my friends and family have been some of my biggest inspiration. Skiing down mountains with your best friends is such a privilege and I’m so lucky to be able to spend time with my favorite people doing what we all love.”

What is a quote that inspires you?

“A pair of skis are the ultimate transformation to freedom.” -Warren Miller

“We have nothing to lose and a world to see”

What are some of your personal goals for this season?

“Since this is my first season racing, I really don’t know what to expect from myself. I just hope that I improve my skills and race to the best of my ability each day. I want to have fun with my friends and spend time with the coolest people I know.”

What are some of your team goals for this season?

“I know the girls team won states last year and that was such an accomplishment for them. I hope as a team this year everyone does their best each race and maybe we can go far in the league again.”

What is the hardest part in skiing?

“The hardest part about skiing is the cold. Without the right gear, it’s hard to have a good time while not being able to feel your lips.”

Why did you start skiing?

“I started skiing because of my family. All of my brothers either ski or snowboard so joining them on the slopes was definitely a must!”