Player Profile: Kendall Leach


Kate Ryan, Sports Reporter

Name: Kendall Leach

Grade: Senior

Sport: Wrestling

As Kendall Leach is beginning his final wrestling season the team and Kendall himself are all looking forward to seeing his hard work pay off.

How many years have you been wrestling?

I have been wrestling for 5 years.”

What makes wrestling such an important sport to you?

The intensity of wrestling is why I love it.”

What do you do at every wrestling meet in order to do your best and be successful?

I like to get pumped up with music and get into a mindset of “I’m going to beat this guy!””

What is the greatest part about being on the FHC wrestling team?

The family that we have made as a team. It doesn’t matter what grade you are in or what string you are, we all have the same respect for one another.”

What do you hope to achieve this season personally?

I hope to place at a Varsity Individual Tournament.”