Humans of FHC: Abigail Cool


“[High school] is a lot different from middle school. [Teachers] say they are preparing you, but it is the complete opposite of what you’d expect. So far, I think I have two classes with friends, and that’s including a required class, so it’s nothing like growing up and just having your friends there all the time. You definitely learn that if you’re not comfortable not having all of your friends around, well, you’re going to have to be. Especially with a lot of the advanced classes. I took French here last year, so I was kind of thrown into classes with sophomores and juniors which was really terrifying. I’m in French 2 [now], so I walked up here [last year]. I became very close-knit with them. That helped me transition. I kind of knew my way around the language hall especially. Other than that, I was kind of clueless. I got lost a couple of times, but you know, it’s all good. I really enjoy it now because I have my set schedule and I kind of know where everything is. But I really enjoy it here better.”