The bowling team has high hopes for this season

The bowling team has high hopes for this season

The 2016-17 bowling season wasn’t the best for the Rangers, as the team went on to have a mostly losing season. This 2017-18 season is holding great things for both the girls bowling team and the boys bowling team. Senior Kyla Souza has confidence in how the team will do this season.

“I feel really good about this upcoming season,” Kyla said. “We definitely have a solid team which is just as good as one amazing person.”

In the past, there have been individuals that have stood out and this year is the same. According to many of the team members, sophomore Cope Hungerford has shown great talent and is one of the top bowlers on the team. He has shown great leadership and worked hard to get ahead of the game.

The team as a whole, however, hasn’t done the best in the past; they won three games last year, ranked in one tournament, and placed 3rd or 4th in conferences. But, that was last year. This year is a different story; the team looks strong and somewhat experienced despite a couple new faces.

The only two teams that the Rangers have beat are Ottawa Hills and Northern. The team looks to take home more wins this year in hopes of going further this season than in the past. Some of the teammates set their sights on winning the conference.

“I hope we win conferences,” said senior Jackson Baldwin.

Even if the team doesn’t do the best, they’ll still have fun bowling and building relationships. Most of the underclassmen enjoy being a part of the team and looking up to the juniors and seniors.

“I enjoy the atmosphere. There’s music going while we practice and everyone is having a ball,” Jackson said.

There are a lot of new members to the team, especially underclassmen. They have done very well in practice and are looking to be successful come competition time. Everyone is looking forward to the start of the season.

“Everyone that is new has progressed very well.” said Cope.

Even though last season didn’t go the best, the team is looking to do much better this year with the help of the veteran bowlers. On the girls and boys team, there are a few veteran bowlers that strive to make this season great for the team. Despite being new or old to the team, everyone is working hard to improve the team’s standings and go far this year.

“We have a few new underclassmen that are new to bowling,” Jackson said. “But, as they practice, they could build a solid team in years to come.”

As the newer members get more comfortable, they’ll find their spot on the team. The returning members and seniors look to the underclassmen to carry on the bowling team in future seasons and improve the game.

If the team doesn’t go to states, some individuals could possibly make it to states and are working hard to do so. Taking each practice seriously and making improvements when necessary, senior Burton Jekel makes it a point to have States within reach.

“I want to go to States for singles and do well in conferences,” Burton said.

Despite the past season, the team has learned and grown. FHC aims high to accomplish their goals this season. With the combination of underclassmen and returning bowlers, the team hopes to make the season great and go as far as they can.