Cafe Boba is a unique gem

Cafe Boba is a unique gem

If you’re looking for a chill place to have fun with friends while having delectable drinks and snacks, Cafe Boba is the place for you.

Ever since I was little, I’ve always had a strong love for boba. In case you were wondering, boba (also commonly known as bubble tea) is a Taiwanese drink with chewy tapioca balls (also called pearls) at the bottom. On Saturday afternoons with no plans, as usual, a boba trip is always a good idea and gives me something to do. Upon word from a friend that a new cafe with a sole focus on boba exists around me, I, being the boba fanatic that I am, just had to check this place out.

Arriving at Cafe Boba, famished, I was ready to enter. As soon as I was inside, I could tell this place had an amazing atmosphere. It was obvious that this is where young people come to hang out, chat, or even study. Paper lanterns danced from the ceiling, bright orange couches sat in a corner, and board games were shelved next to them. The charming appearance and tropical color-scheme of the cafe gave off a refreshingly unique feel. It was something new and different than the typical cafes seen today.

Ready to devour some bubble tea, I hurried up to the menu sign where the vast amount of options shined brightly. Cafe Boba had an enormous variety of flavors, to the point where I almost felt overwhelmed. Some of their uncommon flavors included lychee, red bean, honeydew, matcha, passion fruit, etc. Feeling inspired by this array of unique flavors, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try something new. I ended up ordering a red bean smoothie with tapioca pearls and an extra scoop of fruity jelly.

The staff members were very friendly people and had my order completed in no more than a couple minutes. The price was extremely reasonable, as my total came to be only $3.95 for a ton of boba. My boba drink was served in a clear cup that showcased the beauty of its pearls and jelly squares. I took my first sip and was surprised at how much I liked the red bean flavor. It was sweet, nutty, and unlike anything I’ve tasted before. The tapioca pearls were warm and chewy, and the fruity jelly added the perfect amount of sweetness.

Overall, I had a remarkable first experience because of Cafe Boba’s fun atmosphere. You can walk in, order a delicious and fun boba smoothie, pick out a game, and just relax and enjoy yourself with the company you come in with.