My mom is the best person in the world


“Are you awake?”

This is the second thing I hear every morning shortly after my alarm has gone off. These words come from none other than my beautiful mother. The words mean merely nothing, but the care means the world.

My mom is the most giving person in the world. Not just as a mother, but as a co-worker, a friend, and coach. She has sacrificed hours and hours of her personal time to help others, especially my brother and me. Every day she wakes up early to take me to physical therapy, then she works all day, and once she’s out of work she brings me to practice. Every day she devotes her spare time to running me around; she has dedicated her life to supporting others.

My mom works her butt off. Late nights at home consist of going through all the pictures she takes– she’s taken up the hobby of sports photography. She knows that my teammates and I like to post pictures from our games, and she works through many nights after games on her photos so we can see them as soon as possible. My mom doesn’t take the easy way out ever. She started as just an amateur photographer; when she realized people enjoyed her pictures, she worked hard to make them better, because it makes people happy. My mom brings joy to many others.

I’ve gone into her work before, and I am always told by her co-workers that they wouldn’t know what they’d do without her, but I don’t need to be told that.

My mom is a blessing. My mom is my biggest support system, and it’s truly a blessing. She does everything she can to make my life the best, and she has been successful. She has made me successful because of the time and effort she’s put into to me.

Writing this paper wasn’t easy; it still doesn’t do justice to what my mom has amounted to. I could have just written a list of every reason she’s great, but it would literally never end. My mom is a blessing to everyone around her.