Player Profile: Munseok Jeong


Audrey Sidebotham, Sports Reporter

Name: Munseok Jeong

Grade: Senior

Sport: Boys swim and dive

Position: Co-Captain

How long have you been swimming?

“Since 1st or 2nd grade so pretty early on. It has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.”

Why do you swim?

“Swimming gives me a sense of personal accomplishment in achieving the various goals I have set through a lot of my hard work. It gives me a chance to be with an amazing and diverse community through all the hardships, practices, and competitions.”

Who has been your biggest motivation in your swimming career?

“My biggest motivation in my swimming career has been my coach, Dennis Neat. He truly exemplifies the passion of this sport through his experiences, coaching, and competitions that we go through. Whether you are a state qualifying swimmer or a first year, he is the type of man who is genuinely excited about every accomplishment you have done and keeps you just as excited to break more goals and go further. His dedication toward the sport is something I have yet to see in any other sports, and one of the biggest reasons why I haven’t given up and kept doing this sport.”

What is your personal goal for this season? What do you think is the key to achieve this goal?

“My personal goal for the season is to make it to Top 8 of the conference meet as well as qualify for the MISCA meet later on in the season. Through determination, perseverance during the workouts, better techniques, and a greater passion for the sport, I believe the goals listed can be achieved for me.”

What are some team goals for this season?

“The main team goal is to win the conference meet once again for the third time in a row as well as a flawless season record which was achieved the previous year. Another goal would be improvements for every member of the team for their designated events. Finally, another goal would be to get as many people to qualify for the MISCA and State meets from their times so everyone can experience a meet as exciting as the State meet or MISCA.”

Talk a little about your time being apart of FHC Men’s Swim and Dive, this year and previous years.

“Being a part of FHC Men’s Swim and Dive is truly something special. Along with the traditions that we normally do, there is always something that seems to change that would completely transform how we do things and how everything is done. The team may seem scattered and hectic in the first weeks of the season, but by the end, everyone seems to be brought together to enjoy swimming as a sport.”

What is the best part about swimming?

“The best part about swimming is seeing you neck and neck with the person in front of you only to check the results board at the finish, and seeing that you ended up beating that guy by hundredths of a second.”

What is a quote that inspires you?

“”Sometimes adversity is what you need to face in order to become successful.a��”