A letter to the TCT staff and WFP class

A letter to the TCT staff and WFP class

To the TCT staff and WFP class,

My first experiences as a staff writer so far have been incredible, and this has been thanks to both groups. I’ve always thought about going into journalism ever since I was younger. I remember my first journalism experience was in third grade; I made a newspaper just for my class. I wanted to be a news reporter; ever since, that idea has boggled around my mind. Now, as a sophomore in high school, I have finally been given the opportunity to genuinely apply myself in this field of work. Along with the ability to really contribute to what I want to do, these two groups have also shown me amazing people who also love doing what I love to do. So, I’m writing this letter- one part to each group- to share my experiences and thank you’s for everything.

To WFP: First off, thank you for all the amazing experiences you have given me. I remember walking in on the first day of school and taking a seat in the circle of chairs in the middle of the room. Not knowing anybody, I sat quietly, keeping to myself. We went around the circle learning everybody’s names, and I saw most of you for the first time. Throughout the first couple of days, I started talking to the girl sitting next to me. A girl I had seen before but never actually spoken to. Ally: thank you for being the first person to reach out to me during class. We’ve shared a lot of great laughs and have helped each other through a lot. I took a seat at the table in the front corner thinking I would be alone, but you came and sat with me at that table. I never thought we would become as good of friends as we have. To the girl sitting next to me, Summer, your overall positivity and happiness always act like a ray of sunshine, brightening everyone’s day. So to Ally and Summer, thanks for always being there and keeping this class entertaining. You two have had the greatest effect on me in this class, but I believe everyone has. Mozelle: I remember on that first day when we went around with everyone’s names, and you looked at me and said, “You also rode my bus.” I will always remember that, as small as it seems. It made me feel a little more comfortable that first day. Abby Stead: the first thing I remember noticing about you was your uniqueness. You are so happy just being you, and you’re one of the most genuine people I know. Abby Wright: a quiet freshman– we haven’t talked too much, but I can tell you’re a very kind person, and you are a very talented writer. You have been since the beginning. Courtney: we have known each other for a while, since elementary school, but we’ve never really talked. Reading your writing since the start of this class has been amazing; I’ve loved seeing someone as talented and dedicated as you write for this staff. Maizey: your sarcasm always makes my day better. Quiet and subtle, but it always makes me laugh. I hope eventually your computer starts working a little better too, for your sake. Zoe: the most we have interacted is sitting at lunch talking, but you’ve always been pretty entertaining. The energy you have is incredible to witness. I hope you keep that same energy throughout the next four years of high school. Audrey: you are an incredible person. It has been so much fun watching you find your passion as a sports reporter; I love how you already know you want that Editor-in-Chief spot your senior year. If you keep up the work you’re doing now, I know that spot will be yours. Jay: for a freshman, you seem very ahead of your age. You see the world for more than its face value. Your appreciation for the little things has shown me a different way of seeing the world. Lynlee: from your first story on the Dominican Republic, I knew you were in the right place. I hope you continue to write for TCT over the next four years and show off your incredible talent. Elise: the first thing I learned about you is you are very simple, which is a good thing. Your ideal night was watching Netflix and just staying home. You are a very simple person with a very complex view of the world; a person of very few words, but has amazing things to say when you put it down on paper. Sarah: your energy and positivity is amazing. You always make people smile, and you are so genuinely kind. The fact that you started “Hug-a-Freshman Friday” speaks for itself. Keep doing exactly what you’re doing, and I know you’ll go far in life. Erin: you’re very quiet but very wise. Whenever you do talk, you always have something very smart or intriguing to say. We haven’t spoken much but I have always seen how kind of a person you are. Jason: you too are very quiet and don’t say much, but you are the prime example of how once you talk to someone, there is so much more to them than the eye can see. I wrote my first practice profile on you, and I learned about things that interested you that I never would have guessed. I hope everything goes well for you with your film talents. Finally, to all of you. You have made this class the most memorable class I have ever taken. The positivity. The effort. The passion. It’s incredible. You are all amazing, caring, intelligent, and, most importantly, good people. I hope for all the best for you, and I hope these last few weeks of us together will be just as amazing as the first ones.

“To tie this all together, I can’t wait to see the future.””

To TCT staff: I haven’t spent as much time with you all as I have with my 4th hour, but I will be joining you all second semester. I have read all of your writing though. I am so excited to be joining writers as talented as all of you. The few of you I have met, even if just for a split second, have made me even more excited to join such an encouraging staff. Hannah: you’ve done so much work teaching the WFP class and making it so much more enjoyable. You make sure business gets taken care of while still being there for us and helping. You do so much for the site; it’s incredible to see. One day I hope to be Editor-in-Chief and be just as good as you. You’re an incredible editor and an amazing person. Jake: just like Hannah, you’re an incredible editor and person. You’re just so open with us, and everyday you make sure to say “hello” and “goodbye” to my table. The dedication you put into this site is amazing. I hope for all the best for your future. Madison: I’m pretty sure the first thing you said to me was how much you hated one of your pieces or something about how many times you’ve cried in this class. You’re so negative for a person as kind and funny as you. Talking about college with you stresses you out, but when I found out you were going into public relations, I knew you were going into the perfect field for you. I can’t wait to hear more about your college plans as you move forward. Jordyn: we started talking a lot more this year, first bonding over journalism and TCT. Watching you as a writer helped me realize I definitely wanted to do this. You’re a great friend and a great writer. Sam: I know we’ve only really talked like once but I’m hoping with my time in 6th hour, we’ll talk more. I really appreciated your comments on my review. Finally, for all of you I haven’t mentioned, some of you I may have seen or bumped into once or twice but I have read everyone’s work, and you are all incredible writers. I am so excited to continue my progress on staff with all of you. I am so excited to get to meet all of you and get to know you.

To Mr. George and Ms. Wierenga: Thank you so much for making this class amazing and teaching us so much. Mr. George, I look forward to continuing TCT career under your advisory. Ms. Wierenga: I look forward to finishing English 10 with you. You’ve been an incredible student teacher, and I can’t wait to be with you as you finish your first year of teaching. Thank you both.

To tie it all together, I can’t wait to see the future– mainly, my future as a staff writer for TCT. I have found my true passion, and that is thanks to all of you amazing people who I have met and will meet over the next couple years. I can’t wait to see where this takes me.