Player Profile: Payton Nall

Player Profile: Payton Nall

Remy Tittel, Sports Reporter

Name: Payton Nall

Grade: Senior

Sport: Competitive Cheer

Position: Side base

How long have you been cheering for?

“About 11 years on a team.”

Who inspired you to start cheering?

“I always looked up to my sister, and she loved cheerleading.”

What is your favorite cheer memory?

“Sophomore year as a whole. The team really bonded and came together that year, plus I got to be on a team with my sister for the last time.”

What is the difference between sideline and competitive?

“Sideline is definitely more fun and light hearted, but when it comes to competitive everyone snaps into action and is ready to compete, it’s kind of like a tryout at every practice.”

What is your favorite round in Competitive? Why?

“Round 3 is my favorite because it’s very challenging and it is the round where your team really shows their strength.”

How do you feel about FHC having their own competitive team this year?

“I think it’s amazing because we get to compete for our own school for the first time, and being a part of that is really cool.”

What three characteristics do you feel are most important for cheerleaders to possess? Why?

“Multi-talented, controlled, and determined.”

Why do you want to cheer for high school as opposed to an all star program?

“I’ve done both before and they are polar opposites. I think sometimes it’s a lot more challenging having to yell the words as well as hit everything to the best ability.”

What do you think are the team’s best quality?

“We have a lot of strength, as well as strength in numbers.”