Hit or miss sports movies


23 Blast is an inspirational football movie based on a true story about an athlete defying the odds: playing football blind. Travis Freeman, portrayed by Mark Hapka, is a phenomenal football player who all of a sudden loses his sight. An infection in his eyes sent him to the hospital where the doctors tried giving him medication, but it didn’t work. Travis was sent into an immediate surgery that left him waking up blind and terrified.

Travis adjusts to being blind like a pro; he gets help from his mobility coach and is back to school within a few months to finish off his senior year. Soon enough, he’s playing football again but this time,he plays as a center, rather than his previous position of running back. As a center, there isn’t much movement required; you snap the ball and block the guy in front of you. Travis learns to play the position well and is glad to be back on the team.

I would give this movie a ten out of ten. 23 Blast shows the determination and hardwork that it takes to become a strong athlete. Despite his trials and tribulations, Travis Freeman adapts to his impairment and does the unthinkable.

I’d add this movie to your must-watch list. It makes you feel good and optimistic, while giving you a good outlook on life. Any athlete can defy the odds if they work hard enough to do so and this movie is just a reminder of that possibility. Hard work pays off, and you’ll see that in 23 Blast.