Tommy’s Sports Game of the Week: NHL ’18


Tommy Spaletto, Sports Reporter

Tommy’s Sports Game of the Week: NHL “18

NHL “18 in my opinion is a very underrated game. Not many people would play a hockey game over an extremely popular game such as Madden or NBA, but most game modes are similar to these games such as Franchise. One thing fans like about this game is the option to fight another player on another team, which is very strange, but an appealing aspect to that sort of audience.

Face of the Franchise

This game mode as a lot of similarities to “MyGM” in NBA 2K games. It’s a very popular game mode with players, so the heads of companies like 2K and EA Sports try to improve that game mode as much as they can to attract an even bigger audience. EA made some major improvements to this mode in making it extremely realistic. Adjusting ticket prices, launching promotional nights, and even relocating your franchise are all new parts of the NHL games. This will sure to make NHL franchise even better for the players.

Classic Mode

This is just your typical sit at home while watching a hockey game on TV. This is really popular game mode to play with a friend or even a family member for bragging rights. With Classic Mode, you can play with your favorite team online against other players around the world. NHL “18 has definitely upgraded this mode from last year because many players say that the graphics and movements are much more realistic than last year’s game.

Draft Champions

In Draft Champions, you can draft hockey players from the past and present and try to build your best squad possible. One strategy to this game might be to draft players that fit your playstyle. Players say that their team is much better with a team that all has the same playstyle, rather than just have lots of really good players with different playstyles. This game mode also give you the option to get collectables, where you can put in sets and get even better players.

Overall, this is a really fun and underrated game. I really like the modes in this game and the new features that EA added from NHL ’17. It will be interesting to see what EA will bring to the table when NHL ’19 comes out.