In support of the decision

In support of the decision

In previous semesters, students who wished to make changes to their schedules for the upcoming semester would be able to log into Class Choice for a period of time to adjust their schedules as they please. This year, the administration has chosen to take a different approach when it comes to student schedules: a Google form.

Some may remember that before school started this year, the counseling office was utilizing a Google form system to allow students to submit their requested changes that they were unable to complete themselves via Class Choice. This system was somewhat difficult to use because many students have more than one issue that needs resolving and with each class that needs adjusting, a new form has to be filled out and submitted.

Personally, I do not have any major problems with Class Choice. But when it opens up, I am not at ease with the idea that I will be able to make the needed adjustments to my schedule because some of the time, I am not able to. I feel that I am constantly competing with other students for spots in classes with popular teachers and trying to be able to spend an hour of the day with a friend. I find that although a Google form does not allow one all of the freedom with adjustments that they are able to make with Class Choice, it eliminates some of the stress and competition of fighting for classes.

I think that Class Choice is a good system to use for the first semester because that time is when the majority of schedule adjustments will be taking place for both first and second semester. But for the second semester, a Google form is not the most inconvenient mode of communication between the counseling office and students when it comes to schedules. Google forms allow students to clearly state what classes they need adjusted and for what reason. With the use of Class Choice, students do not even have to ability to make all the changes they may wish to anyway. Some examples of this situation are switching to or from AP classes, class level changes, and locked classes such as music or Advanced Writing for Publications. I have found that in my personal experience with having to adjust my schedule it usually falls under one of those categories anyway, so I am unable to make adjustments myself using Class Choice and have to go through the counseling office. This semester, the changes I need to make have to do with locked classes and a missing class, both problems that would be handled through the counseling office.

Of course, with any situation, there are extenuating circumstances as to why one may want to adjust their schedule freely. One of these situations is for mental health reasons. If someone needs to switch in or out of classes because they know it would be better for them mentally to be with a certain teacher or with a different group of people or any other reason, it would be nice for that person to be able to make the changes they need to without submitting multiple forms.

Overall, I personally do not have an issue with using a Google form for making schedule adjustments for the second semester. I always felt stressed out and rushed using Class Choice; I believe that by using the Google form, my requests will be seen and handled with the proper communication.

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