Where are sports legends now: Michael Jordan


Zoe Lipke, Sports Reporter

Michael Jordan was arguably the best basketball player to walk this planet, but have you ever wondered where he is now? If your name were to be as well known as Michael Jordan’s, then you would expect to still see him everywhere.

Jordan hasn’t ventured far from the basketball world. He currently owns the Charlotte Hornets NBA team and is running on his seventh year of holding the position of manager. He attended North Carolina for college and that is why he decided to venture back and work with the Hornets.

Along with having a successful NBA team, Jordan also has an equally successful, if not more successful shoe brand. The brand has made millions of dollars off of their popular Jordan merchandise. His signature dunking man symbol, that design is on every shoe, shirt, pair of shorts, and even hats. Everyone who sees it is reminded of the great M.J.

Even though Jordan has a successful career outside of business and basketball, he also has a strong family life that he likes to keep to himself. With the tragedy of his father’s death hitting him hard, he made it a priority to keep family first. He now has three kids with his first wife, and has two more with his second wife.

Michael Jordan scored a total of 32,292 points his entire career, averaged 30.1 points a game, and played a total of 41,011 minutes. That is a record in almost every category. He is pushing young kids to become better at their game by being a role model to millions around the world.

Jordan may have retired, but his legacy will never be forgotten.