New Netflix release, A Christmas Prince, is predictable and lousy

New Netflix release, A Christmas Prince, is predictable and lousy

In my spare time, I often find myself scanning Netflix for the new releases of addicting TV shows and movies. Although I hate to admit it, I love cheesy romantic movies. This past Saturday, while buried beneath a mound of blankets, I got the chance to watch a new movie released on Netflix: A Christmas Prince. Let me be the first to say that I did not enjoy watching it at all.

A Christmas Prince is a Christmas-themed romantic comedy that stars Rose McIver, a magazine reporter named Amber. She is given a story that takes her to the European country of Aldovia. Her mission is to research the nation’s handsome and enigmatic prince (Ben Lamb) who is soon set to become the nation’s king. Amber ends up sneaking into the castle, after she is mistaken as the tutor for the prince’s younger sister. She stays in the castle to further her story but instead, ends up falling in love with the prince.

A Christmas Prince has an all too typical plot line. All sappy Christmas movies follow the same basic formula. A female protagonist is focused on her career. It’s Christmas time, and she’s working overtime, despite the fact that it is Christmas. Then, a man disguised as an elf, angel, Santa, or prince, saves the day, and they immediately fall in love. It’s all too predictable and cheesy; although I do love a good, cheesy, romantic movie, this one disappointed and did not meet my standards.

This movie is also similiar to other movies about princesses, such as The Princess Diaries, The Prince and Me, Cinderella, and Beauty and the Beast. In A Christmas Prince, the prince teaches Amber how to do archery and how to shoot an arrow at a moving target. This scene has a direct correlation to The Princess Diaries 2. This movie is similar to Beauty and the Beast as well when Amber is thrown off her horse by a wolf and saved by a prince.

Not only is this new movie fallacious and foreseeable, it also is flawed in the sense that it is not realistic and promotes the fall of journalistic integrity. One of the characters who plays a reporter in the film, writes a fake quote from a source for his story. In the journalistic world, falsely quoting a source is a very serious crime. In addition to that, Amber lies about her identity to achieve greatness with her story. She also steals important documents from the prince, which is against the law. Although this movie seems to be innocent, it promotes negative messages to younger generations.

The social media sites are raving about the new movie that has hit Netflix; but quite honestly, I don’t understand why. Mclver does not deliver the role as well as she could, and while acting, she sounds like she is reading the lines directly off of a script, sounding fake and unreal. One of my biggest pet peeves is actors who do not act well, and Mclever certainly falls under that.

Many people are conversing about the possibility of a sequel. If there is a sequel created, I can assure you that I would not watch it. If you’re debating whether or not to watch this horror of a movie, I would say no, unless you’re looking for a laugh about how bad it is.