Player Profile: Rachel Lynch


Name: Rachel Lynch

Grade: Freshman

Sport: Freshman basketball

Position: Forward

Years playing: 9

Why do you play basketball?

“I play basketball because I love the game. I love to watch it and play it. I love the feeling when you have a breakaway and you dribble the ball down the court as fast as you can without stopping. When the basket is made you feel the thrill of accomplishment of the two points going on the scoreboard.”

Who has been your biggest motivation in your basketball career?

“My dad is one of my biggest supporters when I play. After every game my dad and I go through what I did correct and what I did wrong. With this information I try to improve my weaker areas at practice. Another thing that motivates me is the idea of helping my team. If I don’t play with 100% effort it hurts my team because you can only play as strong as your weakest player.”

What is your personal goal for this season?

“My personal goal for this season is to have a higher free throw percentage, become faster, and take the information that my coach gives me [to improve my play]. I think I will achieve these goals by practicing over and over again on my free throws, running my hardest at all points of time, and listen to all of the information that my coach gives me.”

What has been the best part about FHC basketball?

“FHC basketball to me is a big Ranger family. As Coach Holly says, ‘one family, one team.’ I played basketball for the middle school both years of 7th and 8th grade.”