Player Profile: Keegan Moore


Remy Tittel, Sports Reporter

Name: Keegan Moore

Grade: Senior

Sport: Varsity Wrestling

Weight class: 189

How long have you wrestled for?

“I have wrestled for 10 years.”

Who inspired you to start?

“My uncle Joe who was a World Champion wrestler.”

What is the hardest part about wrestling? Why?

The hardest part about wrestling is definitely the mental aspect. People don’t realize 90% of the sport is mental.”

What is your method for cutting weight?

“I am not cutting weight this year but I have in the past. A key part of cutting weight is to increase the number of times you eat during the day but decrease the amount of food you eat each time.”

Could you compare the individual aspect of the sport to the team? How does the team help you?

Although in wrestling it is only you on the mat wrestling in the match, you still represent your team and have a responsibility to earn points for the overall dual. [It is like this] until the post-season which is mostly focused on progressing by any kind of victory.”

What do you do in your off-season to prepare?

“In the off-season, I lift almost every day and eat a large amount of food in order to gain weight and strength. I will also compete in off-season tournaments and practices.”

Do you have an awards, trophies, medals, or places you’re proud of?

Last year I got 7th in the state and I thought I would be satisfied with it. Now I have come to realize it doesn’t really mean much, I only want to become a state champion.”

What is your outlook for the season?

During this season I am going to work on scoring a lot of points in order to stay conditioned for the harder matches that are to come.”

Do you have any college plans for wrestling?

I have been looking into wrestling at GVSU, U of M, or MSU.”