Tommy’s Sports Game of the Week: FIFA ’18


Tommy Spaletto, Sports Reporter

Tommy’s Sports game of the Week: FIFA “18

FIFA “17 was a very exciting game according to most gamers, but still had lots of room for improvement. This year in FIFA “18, gamers say that many glitches and that some of the game modes have been improved from last year. Today, we look into the game modes that are most popular with FIFA gamers.


After going online and seeing many complaints on FIFA 17, many people say that the turning speed of a player was way too slow in last years game. People who play FIFA “18 have noticed a significant change with the turning speed and also the accuracy of shots. Classic mode is overall very fun, even in a sport in which not many people like to watch, such as soccer.

Pro Clubs

This mode is extremely popular with the FIFA community and some may call it the best game mode they’ve played yet. It’s pretty much just like “Franchise” mode in Madden or NBA 2K, but Pro Clubs has so many more features. Some of the feature include assigning different players to different assignments, calling plays as the ball is in play, and many more.

The Journey

The FIFA “18 journey mode is a lot like a MyCareer mode. It contains a continuous storyline from last year with stud athlete Hunter Returns. One other cool addition is that you can work towards to get Hunter Returns as a player in FIFA Ultimate team. Much like Madden and NBA, this mode requires you to make many big decisions that leads you down all sorts of different paths.

In my past experiences with this game, I like the game. I’m not the biggest soccer fan in the world, but this game is very exciting. I think partly why I like this game so much is it has a lot of the same game modes as Madden and NBA, and those are some of my favorite games.