Go Java Cafe was a pleasant surprise


From my high stool perch, my view of Ionia Ave. just outside of Go Java Cafe’s windows was unparalleled. Everything about it emanated old-school vibes of cobblestone streets bustling with people, cars, and worn brick buildings. Speckles of snow dotted my view, floating gently down to coat the parked cars and turning my world into that of a snow globe. I was content.

Inside the cafe, warm themes of brown were everywhere, further emphasizing the raw material style. I found myself feeling relaxed and comfortable, basking in the background acoustic melodies and weathered furniture surrounding me. Nothing about it felt excessive or juvenile. I was at home.

Although the exterior was unassuming, the interior, service, and food at Go Java Cafe were overwhelmingly comfortable and accommodating. From the perspective of a passerby, it would appear to be the stereotypical low-key business tucked away in the middle of a busy, urban area. Upon entering though, I felt instantly relieved at the friendly sight ahead of me. I was at ease.

A quirky barista welcomed me from behind the countertop and plopped a menu in front of me with their food options, which mostly consisted of scrumptious breakfast or lunch options. In all honesty, I am the absolute worst at making decisions, especially when all of the options appeal to me. Thankfully, the barista was gracious enough to help me through my indecisiveness to finally come to the decision of an asiago bagel with scrambled egg whites, ham, cheese, and spinach. I was welcomed.

The sandwich could’ve easily become cheap and artificial tasting because of its simplicity and how it was a fairly common combination. However, the sandwich was crafted excellently to make a sandwich that was both hearty and savory. The crisp taste of the asiago bagel enveloped the middle taste of spinach, egg whites, and ham, sharpening the flavors. The spinach freshened it up, and the egg whites were the tasteful filler between the bagel halves that brought it all together. In the center was a thin layer of crisp ham that provided a rich flavor in contrast to the other flavors.

By the time my sandwich was finished, my stomach felt full and content. The price was decent for the quality of sandwich, but as a cheap person, I would’ve preferred it to be cheaper because of how basic the sandwich was.

I did seriously enjoy my time spent in Go Java Cafe, as it is perfect to study or simply watch the world through their frosted windows.