Humans of FHC: Tyler Donker


“In the middle of the night last night- it was like 3 a.m.- I woke up, and there was a bunch of stuff coming out of my nose. It was blood. So I grabbed a towel out of my laundry, and I scrubbed my face and got it all bloody. I thought that was it. Then I woke up at 6 when I usually wake up, and I saw the bloody towel and thought, “Oh, it’s just the bloody towel from when I had the bloody nose.a�� Then I went into the bathroom, and there was blood all over. Blood in the sink, blood on another towel, drips of blood on the floor and the toilet seat; I don’t remember coming into the bathroom. Then I had to clean it up. I was about to take a shower so I wasn’t clothed, and I had latex gloves on because I didn’t want to touch the blooda�� I mean I wasn’t sure if it was mine.”