Superstitions: Claire Baguley, Alex VanElls, Daniel Deindorfer


Junior Claire Baguley is in her third year on the varsity basketball team and hopes to lead the team to another strong season this year.

“Before every game I take a nap, eat a chicken sandwich, and make a smoothie. [I] take it to the gym early and shoot around before the game.”

Junior Alex VanElls, with 11 years of softball experience, hopes to lead the team to a great season this spring.

“One of my big superstitions is that I always have pink duct tape wrapped around the handle of my bat. Every time I get a new bat, before I swing it for the first time I put pink tape on it because it’s my good luck charm.”

Junior Daniel Deindorfer, in his tenth year playing basketball, will be playing his third year on the varsity team at FHC.

“I eat a Subway tuna sandwich and take a nap before every home game. I watch NBA highlights on YouTube and play 2k to get me in the basketball spirit.”