Staff and the glory days: Stacy Steensma


Remy Tittel, Sports Reporter

Where did you attend high school and which sports did you play?

“I attended Jeffersonville High School in Jeffersonville, Indiana. In high school, I participated in football sideline cheer, basketball sideline cheer, competitive cheer, gymnastics, and track (high jump).”

Who inspired you to start these sports?

My inspiration came from my mom who started me at the age of 3 in baton, ballet, tap, jazz, and gymnastics before I started elementary school. She had me involved in as many dance, baton twirling, and gymnastics classes as we could fit into our schedule.”

Who was your biggest support system while doing these sports?

My mom was the main catalyst to get the groundwork started. After she passed away when I was 11 my Dad was my main man to continue the journey.”

You cheered at the University of Louisville, how did you get started there?

My first year of college I went to Ball State University and it was not a great fit for me, so I wanted to come home and go to school. I wasn’t sure of my next plan, but I had an invitation to tryout for the infamous University of Louisville Large Co-Ed National Championship cheer team. I tried out in May of 1988 and my life changed from that point after I made the team.”

How did cheering in college affect your life in the long run?

Cheerleading affected my life by the relationships that were built by my teammates. Those men and women that I cheered with, traveled with, competed with, trained with, and grew up with are, to this day, my dearest friends and my cherished cheer family. “

How do you feel cheer has changed over the years? Has it?

Cheer has changed over the years because of the difficulty levels of the partner stunts, pyramids, gymnastics, and acrobatics, increases every year. University of Louisville co-ed cheerleading team has won 17 National Cheerleading Association Championships since 1985.”

How long have you coached the sideline cheer program here at FHC?

“I have coached the sideline cheer team here at FHC since 2005. I took a few years off when my daughters were little.”

How has the cheer program changed since you started coaching at FHC?

“The cheer program at FHC has changed dramatically over the past few years in regards to the talent and commitment level. We now have a highly respected cheer team with valuable student-athletes. We continue to get more interest every year. This year we have a Varstiy, JV, and a competitive team. In 2005 I had 8 cheerleaders on the team and this year for football sideline we had 35 girls total.”

Looking back on your career in athletics as a whole, both coaching and playing, what is the biggest thing you took away from your life?

The biggest thing I take away from life from my athletics is… it’s not about the athletics! It’s All about the relationships you create with the people along the way. The championships are secondary to the lifelong memories, bonds, and friendships you create.”

From high school, college, and coaching what is your biggest athletic accomplishment?

“My biggest athletic accomplishments personally are my 2-time NCA National Championships and my 2-time collegiate all-American Awards and the honor to travel with the U of L basketball and football teams. I was able to travel to Las Vegas, Hawaii, Tokyo, and many Universities across the county. Professionally, my biggest accomplishment is coaching and mentoring the young women at FHC. My biggest pride comes from being able to pass along the love of the sport and hopefully provide a positive impact to help the girls achieve their goals and dreams both on the mat and off. “