Superstitions: Carl Mielock, Ashlyn Korpak, Sarah Hubble


Junior Carl Meilock is a three year starting goalie for the Rangers, entering his 12th year playing hockey.

“On the way to games I listen to the same playlist of songs in the same order. We go for a team run before every game and stretch together. When I get on the ice, I have a routine of tapping the posts and clearing snow from my crease. I also will do movement around the crease before the game starts.”

Sophomore Ashlyn Korpak has played volleyball for four years and helped lead the JV volleyball team to a strong season this year.

“I always listen to music before we play. The type of music doesn’t matter it just helps me get out of my head before games.”

Senior Sarah Hubble has been on the varsity cheer team for 4 years as a flyer.

“Before my stunt group and I do a stunt, we all do a little handshake before to pump us up.”