Superstitions: Madeline Becker, Alec Norris, Susannah Bennet


Madeline Becker is a senior soccer player this year. She plays center forward and has committed to Grand Valley State University to continue her athletic career.

My current superstition is to wear a hair tie around my right ankle and I always put on my equipment in the same order.”

Junior Alec Norris has played soccer since he was four years old. At the center mid position, Alec was key to the boys soccer team having a great season this fall.

“A superstition I have is before every game, I have to have my shin guards and tape put on perfectly or I feel off or uneven.”

Junior Susannah Bennett runs for the FHC cross country and track teams and has run competitively since seventh grade.

“As a team, runners generally eat a ton of pasta before meets because carbs are known to be a good source of energy for long distance running. Before meets, I usually put ice on my veins if it’s a hot day to cool down my body.”