Superstitions: Christian Balanda, Tess Bond, Charlotte Delaney


Senior Christian Balanda is a two-way player for the varsity football team and greatly contributed to the outstanding football season this year.

“I always make sure to drink a lot of water and Gatorade pregame so I don’t overheat or cramp up during the game. I also get to school early before the rest of the team arrives to get some stretching in and get my thumbs and wrists taped by JaNae.”

Tess Bond is a junior lacrosse player for the combined Forest Hills team. She has played the attack position for eight years.

“Something that has become a part of my routine for lacrosse is just listening to some music that really pumps up and motivates the team. Music always serves as an energy booster for me.”

Junior Charlotte Delaney is a varsity girls basketball player at the post position.

“I always crack Kaitlyn Piontkowsky’s back and she cracks mine. It’s been an ongoing tradition these past two years and soon to be three.”