Week 6 College Basketball Rankings Feedback


Jacob Wiltjer, Sports Reporter

Week 6 College Basketball Rankings Thoughts:

  1. Villanova (11-0)
  2. Michigan State (10-1): Lost to Duke
  3. Arizona State (10-0)
  4. Duke (11-1): Lost to Boston College
  5. North Carolina (10-1): Lost to Michigan State
  6. Miami (9-0)
  7. Kentucky (9-1): Lost to Kansas
  8. Texas A&M (9-1): Lost to Arizona
  9. Xavier (10-1): Arizona State
  10. West Virginia (9-1): Lost to Texas A&M
  11. Wichita State (8-2): Lost to Notre Dame and Oklahoma
  12. Gonzaga (9-2): Lost to Florida and Villanova
  13. Virginia (9-1): Lost to West Virginia
  14. Kansas (8-2): Lost to Washington and Arizona State
  15. TCU (10-0)
  16. Purdue (11-2): Lost to Tennessee and Western Kentucky
  17. Oklahoma (8-1): Lost to Arkansas
  18. Arizona (8-3): Lost to NC State, SMU, and Purdue
  19. Baylor (9-2): Lost to Xavier and Wichita State
  20. Cincinnati (9-2): Lost to Xavier and Florida
  21. Tennessee (7-2): Lost to Villanova and North Carolina
  22. Texas Tech (9-1): Lost to Seton Hall
  23. Seton Hall (9-2): Lost to Rhode Island and Rutgers
  24. Florida State (9-1): Lost to Oklahoma State
  25. Creighton (8-2): Lost to Baylor and Gonzaga


Jacob’s Thoughts: The new college basketball rankings came out earlier today and I am not sure how I feel them. There are numerous teams that I feel have should not be ranked including Wichita State, Texas Tech, Seton Hall, and Creighton. All four of those teams have played very little competition and have not many big wins if any. The Big 12 is making a case as the best conference in the country, however I believe by the end of the year the top 2 conferences will be the SEC and the ACC. Arizona State is the newest team to be in the top 3, they have come out of nowhere and have shocked the college basketball landscape. The Sun Devils are 10-0 on the season with no signs of slowing down. The Kentucky Wildcats are staying strong with their number 7 ranking and they are also riding a 4 game winning streak. I would not be surprised if at the end of the season they are a 1 or a 2 seed in the tournament.

Ty’s Thoughts: The rankings are reasonable overall, but there are some I disagree with. First off, I think Michigan State should be #1. I think Arizona and TCU should be flip-flopped, and seton hall shouldn’t be in the top 25 at all. Right now what separates the teams at the top from each other are how bad their one loss is or the strength of their schedule if they haven’t lost. Also, Kansas at #14 and Purdue at #16 are some teams who could climb up the ranks in the future. At this point in time these rankings are irrelevant to how the seeding will be by the time March arrives. There isn’t a dominant team in the top 10 that is guaranteed to be in the top 10 come March, and that is why college basketball is so exciting.

Tobey’s thoughts: The new rankings came out and I personally have a problem with it. Several teams such as Seton Hall, Creighton and even Texas Tech should not be in the rankings, due to the fact of having played zero competition. I would take a 3 loss power 5 conference team over Seton Hall and Creighton. A big thing I believe they got right is keeping Villanova at #1 they are continuing to win and continuing to stay at the ranks of the unbeaten. After Michigan States scare with Oakland they have no business being #1. Just know that the rankings this early have no effect on how these teams will pan out come the end of the season. If you are upset with these rankings just wait, the AP will hopefully get it right next week.

Nick’s Thoughts: The new rankings that have recently been released are pretty accurate. TCU,the last ranked undefeated team, should be ranked higher than what they are. Also Seton Hall should not be ranked because of the strength of their schedule. Their schedule the first half of the season is very weak. Creighton on the other hand is in the right spot because of the win they had against UCLA at the beginning of the year. Overall the ranking committee released good rankings.