Humans of FHC: Zoe Vanleeuwen


“In seventh grade, there was the Peer-to-Peer program, so I signed up for that class and got involved with Special Ed. Then beginning in freshman year, I had a class with two of Ms. Kimball’s students- Johnny Burr and Kate Hill- and we worked on a project together. [Because of this], I was always in Ms. Kimball’s room helping out, and from there I was in the room more and more often and got really involved with it. [Special Ed.] became a passion of mine, and now I’m going into the Special Ed. field because of my experiences working with thema�� Special Ed. kids, even though they have a [difficulty] in lives, they’re always so happy. So if they can be happy, it gives me a reason to be happya�� The more I’m around them, the more excited I get about it– you truly do make a difference in their lives [since] not a lot of people reach out to them.”