Player Profile: Jacob Demeter


Tommy Spaletto, Sports Reporter

Name: Jacob Demeter

Sport: Hockey

Grade: Senior

Position: Center

How long have you been playing hockey?

“I’ve been playing hockey since I was 4.”

What has influenced you positively in your athletic career?

“I would have to say playing in college has been an influence to me. That is something I’ve always dreamed of.”

What is your favorite part of hockey? Why do you play?

“My favorite part of hockey would have to be hanging with the boys. I play the game because I love it so much.”

What is your favorite hockey memory?

“My favorite hockey memory would have to be beating East Grand Rapids in the playoffs 9-1. That was just such a great moment for the team.”

How do you feel like the season is going so far?

“It’s been a rough start for us so far. We are a young team and we are on the come up. I really feel like our team is improving every game.”

Do you have an inspirational quote you go by?

“Coach Green always says iron sharpens iron. That quote really makes me go.”