Hit or miss sports movies


Concussion, starring Will Smith, exposes the true dangers of suffering from a concussion. Will Smith plays a forensic pathologist that performs an autopsy on retired NFL player Mike Webster. From this autopsy he finds what he thinks could be similar to alzheimer’s disease and determines it may be the cause the death of Mike Webster.

Throughout the movie Will Smith’s character, Dr. Bennet Omalu, tries to discover the cause of why retired NFL players are dying unexpectedly. After a great amount of research and tests, Dr. Omalu concludes that the causes of these deaths were concussions. He brought this new information to the NFL and they ignored his warning because they wanted to keep it out of the public. They feared that their brand would be ruined.

Concussion is an informative movie about the true hazards of playing certain sports and what precautions to take. I would give this movie an eight on a scale of one to ten. I really enjoyed how the movie portrayed the dangers of what happens when someone were to get multiple concussions. I’d add this to your must-watch list. It’s important for athletes to be aware of this silent killer.