Tommy’s Sports Game of the Week: MLB The Show ’17


Tommy Spaletto, Sports Reporter

Tommy’s Sports game of the week: MLB The Show “17

This week on sports game of the week, we will be looking at MLB The Show “17. This game has been overlooked the past few years because of people being drawn away from baseball. This game has lots of new animations and gamers had said the graphics have definitely improved.

Road to the Show

This is just like a MyCareer mode in any other sports games, but what’s better about MLB’s mode is there are more positions to choose for your player. What I love about this game mode in general is how you can choose your paths and MLB takes you through so many different scenarios. That’s one of the reasons why this game mode is so popular.

Diamond Dynasty

Many people would compare this game mode to one like Ultimate team in Madden. This is a trading card game where the player can go through challenges and play in competitions to earn better cards. What separates Diamond Dynasty from Ultimate Team is that MLB has more opportunities and events to earn legend players. Legend pieces are also cheaper to get in MLB than in Madden.


Pretty much every sports video game has a franchise mode. But MLB’s franchise mode is very different from others. MLB allows what station your game can be broadcasted on, which also chooses the announcers for your station. It also allows you to jump into your game at any time, which in games like Madden and 2K, you can’t.

Despite people slowly moving away from baseball, I really like this game. This game has a Madden or a NBA type feel and that’s what I like about it.