Hit or miss sports movies


The Blind Side is an all around great movie to watch whether you’re an athlete or not. Michael Oher played by Quinton Aaron, is a struggling, homeless teen that is trying to make a good life for himself. Michael is homeless until Leigh Anne Tuohy (Sandra Bullock) takes him under her wing and raises him as her own.

It takes Michael a while to get settled into the Tuohy home, but soon enough, he is part of the family. Leigh Anne gets Michael back into school and he starts to struggle, until one day, he decides to play football. At first, Michael was having a rough time with blocking until Leigh Anne stepped up and showed him to protect his teammate’s blind side. Michael shows true talent when it comes to football and he sure made a name for himself.

Michael eventually starts to get recruited by places like Tennessee, LSU, Alabama, and Ole Miss. Ultimately, Michael made the choice to follow in the Tuohy’s footsteps and heads to Ole Miss to play football.

I’d give The Blind Side a nine out of ten and I’d add it to your must-watch list. It is a feel good movie about overcoming adversity and truly working hard to have the future you want. This movie will leave you inspired and determined to make your future yours.