Emo Night Brooklyn is a nostalgic event promising a high-energy night



As I walked into local music venue The Intersection, I was not sure what the night had in store for me.

After seeing many social media influencers around the country attend Emo Night Brooklyn, I had to see what the hype was about.

Emo Night Brooklyn is a traveling event consisting of emo music, guest DJs and a promise for an all around great time. The event is based off the nostalgia and yearning for a past music culture that quite frankly, has died down.

For those unaware of emo culture, according to Google, emo is a “style of rock music resembling punk but having more complex arrangements and lyrics that deal with more emotional subjects.” So for those who are still confused, think of early 2000s rock bands like My Chemical Romance, Jimmy Eat World, Paramore, and other bands of that nature.

After purchasing my tickets for the bargain price of ten dollars, I patiently waited for December 15th to roll around. I was so excited to experience the hype of this event and scream my lungs out to some of my old favorite songs.

As I walked in, I was immediately intimidated by the heavy-sounding song that played as I entered. My first thought was, “I am in the wrong place.a�� However shortly after, Panic! At the Disco began to play, and I knew I was part of the right crowd.

The night consisted of my favorite tunes. Just a few of my songs played included hits by Sleeping with Sirens, The Killers, All Time Low, Good Charlotte, Pierce the Veil, Yellowcard, and blink-182.

On top of playing incredible music, I loved how the crowd had the option of submitting requests through social media. The DJ did an incredible job making the attendees feel like it was “their night” by playing all the requests and inviting members of the crowd on stage.

The music was incredible and I had a wonderful time with my friends, however, there were a few disappointments throughout the night.

I wish there was a higher attendance rate. I know that this is not on the venue or the promoters, but emo music and crowd surfing go together like peanut butter and jelly. Without enough people at the venue, crowd surfing was not possible. I also wish there was more decor or elements present at the venue to set the tone for the night. I feel like the only things that set this event apart from others at The Intersection were the music and balloons. If Emo Night Brooklyn would step things up and create more of an emo-esque atmosphere, the event would be sold at all different places.

However, besides those two factors, the night was unforgettable. Being in a room full of other edgy energetic emos was an experience unlike any other. I highly recommend that if you have a passion for music from the early 2000s, if you have a love for eyeliner, or if you have a passion for the color black, keep an eye on the Emo Night Brooklyn website here and buy your tickets immediately for your next local show date.