FHC hockey wins a thriller in overtime against Catholic Central 1-0

Tommy Spaletto

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FHC hockey wins a thriller in overtime against Catholic Central 1-0

Senior captain Charlie Brewer put the Rangers in excellent position to win a conference title Saturday night. FHC earned their second win of the season against the Catholic Central Cougars on a game-winning, overtime backdoor goal by Charlie. The Rangers square off next Friday against their rival FHNE in a much anticipated match for the students of the Forest Hills school district.

In the first and second periods, there were lots of saves from both goalies. Junior Carl Mielock had some outstanding saves that, if the puck had gone it, would have definitely turned the tide in this game. Goaltending was key for the Rangers and the main reason why the score was 0-0 heading into the Rangers’ first overtime game of the season. FHC produced some great offense in the beginning of OT, thanks to Charlie and sophomores Tim Kramer and Cole Beaufait. Cole whipped the puck right off the goalies pad and Charlie was in perfect position for a game-winning goal to win the game 1-0.

This win was huge for the Rangers, as they look to be a threat to the OK White Conference championship race. The Rangers are geling and look for many more wins to come. Next Friday will be the battle of the hills at Patterson as the Rangers take on their rival FHNE. FHC will look for revenge as they lost 6-2 earlier in the season.