Audrey’s Sports Blog: The Losing Lions

Audreys Sports Blog: The Losing Lions

Audrey Sidebotham, Sports Reporter

I spoke to soon, the Winning Lions are no more. They lost yet another game on December 24th. They lost to the Bengals 26-17. As of now, the only name they will ever be called by me is the Losing Lions. I have completely lost my faith in them now.

This coaching staff continues to make themselves look like imbeciles on a weekly basis. The run game doesn’t work. You have three backup lineman in. It’s not getting the job done, please just stop. Use your incredible quarterback that the brass just gave the most money in the league to. Why Jim? Why throw the game away for the Lions? That goes for both Jim Bob Cooter and Jim Caldwell.

They are only one reason why the Lions have lost and are not in the playoffs.

Another reason why the Lions are not in the playoffs is the Lions defensive line. Giovani Bernard had one of the best games of his career. Gio had rushed for 290 yards all season prior to Week 16. He finished with 116 on Saturday. You see the problem here? The defense did nothing for the Lions.

Even my favorite player Darius Slay had an off game. He did make some pretty good plays against A.J. Green earlier in the game, but then Green consistently got better than him throughout the game.

Coming into the season with such high hopes was a mistake. The Detroit Lions are no longer my favorite team. In my mind they will always be the Losing Lions and nothing more.