Tommy’s Sports Stadiums: Oracle Arena


Tommy Spaletto, Sports Reporter

Tommy’s Sports Stadium Reviews: Oracle Arena

Oracle Arena is in Oakland, California and it’s where the defending NBA Champion, Golden State Warriors, play their home games. Oracle Arena can hold 19,596 people, which is surprisingly very small for such a big sports market. The low capacity for Golden State’s stadium is part of the reason why the stadium has earned the nickname “Roaracle” Oracle Arena has earned the nickname by how loud the stadium is not only from the small stadium, but by the crazy, loud, Warriors fans.

I have been to Oracle Arena many times, and I have to say, it’s absolutely insane. Even the regular season Warrior games that I’ve gone to felt like the NBA Finals. If you watch a Warriors game on TV and you think that sounds loud, wait until you actually step foot inside the stadium.

What is really great about Oracle, especially if you are running late to the sporting event or concert, is that BART (the transportation service) has a stop right at the Coliseum which is right next to Oracle. The Oakland Coliseum is where the Oakland Raiders play football and where the Oakland A’s play baseball. That is often why you see sand from a baseball field if you are watching a Raiders game.

Overall, I really like Oracle Arena. One other cool fact that I’ve noticed about the stadium is that there isn’t really a bad seat. Since the stadium is so small, even if you go up in the nosebleeds, it’s much closer than if you were to sit in Madison Square Garden’s nosebleeds. So, it is a win-win situation for every fan.