Kate’s Korner- Athlete flexibility

Kates Korner- Athlete flexibility

Kate Ryan, Sports Reporter

Flexibility as an athlete is one of the most important things to have, and I don’t mean how far you can stretch or if you can do the splits. Being a flexible athlete means you can be moved around and in some sports that means playing different positions than you are not used to or participating in a different race or event that is not your specialty.

Teams and coaches alike always have one player they can depend on to get the job done and they know that no matter where they are placed they will give 100% effort and do their very best. These athletes provide so much for their team and sometimes they may not know it. It can be hard not to be a star at one thing and excel greatly at one position or thing because that is what people notice. By being available and ready to try new things and work hard in different places you are becoming a more well rounded athlete and team player.

It goes to show that no matter what you are doing or how good you are at it you should be willing to try new things and take on new responsibilities with optimism and effort to help yourself and your team.