Competitive cheer takes first at Comstock Park


Remy Tittel, Sports Reporter

Saturday morning, the Ranger competitive cheer team made its way back to Comstock Park. The competition had 25 teams attend, six of which were in FHC’s division. The team battled hard all day and came home with a convincing victory. With placing seventh at their last meet, this is huge progress for the team.

In round one, the girls immensely improved compared to their previous competition, CCCAM. At CCCAM, the team’s round one scored at 203.1 points, but the team scored 211.2 points in this competition. It was announced on Friday’s practice that senior Payton Nall had gotten a concussion, so senior Brianna Arent stepped up for her team and was able to learn all of round one’s motions in one night. After round one was performed and judged, the team was ahead of the opponents by 12 points.

“This has been my fourth year doing competitive [cheer], so I’m very familiar with the expectations of the sport,” said senior Brianna Arent. “I was ready to step in and take the pressure. Luckily, Payton and I’s parts had similarities, with little formation changes. I had some great help from teammates as well as a lot of support from my coaches throughout.”

The team’s score again improved in round two. At CCCAM, the Rangers finished at at 175.52 points, but the team improved by 11.84 this meet, leaving their round two at 187.36. At this point, the team was ahead of their opponents by 22 points. Although round two is the shortest round and has the least amount of girls on the mat, it is the hardest round due to timing skills. FHC has drilled this round in practice and it showed at the competition.

“Hitting our sharp motions until they are perfect is the best feeling,” said sophomore Elizabeth Hoving. “We have been drilling round two in practice, and I am proud of all the girls for giving it their all.”

Again, the team’s score improved from the previous competition in the third round, going from 250.8 points to 254.1 points. Due to Payton’s injury, freshman Emily Broom learned all of round three position on Friday’s practice (the day before competition). She stepped up for her team and was able to hit every stunt.

“I could see the fire in the girl’s eyes from the moment they stepped foot in the school. They wanted it,” said head coach Oliva Betts. “We had an upsetting Friday practice, having to change all of round three due to injury, so we are extremely thankful for Brianna Arent and Emily Brom for stepping up.”

This win will fuel the girls heading into their first conference meet on Wednesday. The OK white meet will be held at Cedar Springs high school at 5 pm.

Although not seen, the competitive cheer team was in the gym almost every day of holiday break preparing for the competition. The team’s hard work paid off and both the girls and coaches are extremely proud. The team had a total score of 652.66 points and won by 40 whole points. FHC improved their total score from last meet by 23.24 points.

“The girls couldn’t have done it without the support of seniors Sarah Hubble, Remy Tittel, juniors Grace Conn, Jordan Boltres, and sophomore Meredith Carpenter,” Betts said. “I am so proud of each and every one of them for leaving it all on the mat and being ALL IN!”