Cindy’s Donuts and Ice Cream is just like any other


A Sunday morning is not complete without a warm donut to sing harmonies of flavor in your mouth and a drink to wake your sleepy mind. The little corner shop named Cindy’s Donuts and Ice Cream delivers this perfectly.

As I walked into the store just waiting to dig in, a wave of warmth and scents hit me. Ovens behind the display radiated the fresh, flavorful smell of donuts cooking to the golden crisp everyone desires. I was instantly drawn in while the worker behind the register pulled out a fresh tray of donuts.

While the smells intoxicated me, the variety of donuts was far from exciting. They looked fresh and delightful yet plain. No flavors screamed out to me as they looked like clones within the racks. The amount on of the racks was comparable to Krispy Kreme, yet they were filled with less interesting donuts. Glazed donuts decorated the rack in different styles along with sprinkles and icing.

The donuts themselves were astoundingly fresh which I embraced wholeheartedly.”

— Lynlee Derrick

Standing in the racks of similarity were cake donuts and different flavors like cherry and red velvet which I ordered one of each. Yet the most interesting of all the pastries weren’t actually donuts – they were turnovers. Multiple flavors of turnovers were listed on the sheet for choosing.

Once I had inspected the flavors available, I ordered a dozen with varying flavors from the more basic to the few adventurous ones they offered and an apple turnover stick.

Choosing a place to sit wasn’t hard; after all, they offered few tables in the empty shop. The atmosphere was lackluster that was filled only with the smiles and kindness of the workers, but the kindness couldn’t fill the walls. Without decoration or style, the shop was cold and not as welcoming to eat. I ate my turnover and a few donuts by the window and the small plant that was the size of an ant.

The donuts themselves were astoundingly fresh which I embraced wholeheartedly. The glazed donut was like any other – sweet with a little crunch from the coating. On the other side of the flavor spectrum, the red velvet was mind-boggling. It hit the spot exactly with the right amount of sweet that wasn’t overpowering and danced along my taste buds.

However, the apple turnover stick was the star center-stage for me from Cindy’s. The dough was crunchy yet soft in a perfect mixture that was like the chef was a chemist of bread. Unlike some turnovers, the apple mix inside the perfect dough was not too runny or too dry. Apple chunks were littered throughout with the savory mixture cascaded through the dough.

While the donuts met my standards and were tasty, there wasn’t a standout feature that would keep me coming for the drive. For a dozen donuts and two larger items – a turnover and large donut – it was around $18; a fair price but for slightly above average food. The food was good, especially the apple turnover, yet nothing was creative. Same old donuts yet in another location. If in the area, I would stop in for one more turnover, yet I’d never go out of my way.