The Radar with Emily Obermeyer: Vesperteen

The Radar with Emily Obermeyer: Vesperteen

For fans of Twenty One Pilots and The xx

Could the drummer of a band ever be the lead singer at the same time? For one man solo project Vesperteen, the answer is yes. When I saw Vesperteen as an opening act, I couldn’t believe that they weren’t the headliner. With the unorthodox setup of this act, I was immediately captivated by this one-man show. Vesperteen’s self-tilted album Vesperteen is a great start to a unique and long-lasting music career.

Vesperteen is solely composed of Colin Rigsby. After being a part of the local band House of Heroes for many years, Rigsby decided to pursue solo music endeavors. Vesperteen is the first full-length release by Rigsby under this new name. For those thinking that Vesperteen has a very similar sound to Twenty One Pilots, you wouldn’t be wrong. Rigsby is close friends and former bandmates with Josh Dun, the drummer of Twenty One Pilots. While both musical projects have a similar sound, Vesperteen’s full-length release provides a very new and distinct sound.

As a whole, this album provides a unique, electronica-rock sound. This great instrumental is illustrated in “I Never Knew How To Love You” and “Inhale and Hold.” While this album does have great vocals and lyrics, the instrumental is the most obvious strong characteristic.

“Shatter in the Night” is the first and most standout track of the album. The lyrics are super catchy and contain Top 40 radio potential. The instrumental is filled with great percussion that adds great value to the track as the whole. Every time I hear this song, I can’t help but be filled with warm and fuzzy feelings of all the adventures and travels I have yet to pursue. This song is a great start for what is to follow.

“Feathers So Hollow” is another uplifting track. This track contains artistic and inspiring lyrics. The chorus is absolutely stunning. The slight pause before the chorus acts like a well placed moment of silence in any movie. In the bridge, there is a great instrumental and vocal buildup that adds to the greatness of the song.

“Drinking from an Empty Glass” is a great and mellow conclusion to this album. The lyrics combined with the instrumental are absolutely haunting. This slightly disheartening, yet absolutely beautiful, track is something that one could listen to for hours without becoming annoyed.

Vesperteen is a great start to a solo career for Rigsby. This nostalgia-filled album provided me with a unique listening experience I didn’t know I wanted. While creating a great album, Rigsby has also shattered expectations by being both a drummer and the lead singer. With this unique take on live music, I believe Vesperteen will continue to capture the attention of many more.