Spotify’s Disney Scores playlist completely changes a studying atmosphere

Spotifys Disney Scores playlist completely changes a studying atmosphere

Nisha Rajakrishna, Managing Editor of Assignments

When I stumbled upon Spotify’s Disney Scores playlist a few weeks ago, little did I know of the effect that this simple list of melodies would have upon me. After being recommended the idea of a Disney studying playlist, I was intrigued and explored Spotify for good compilations. Since discovering Disney Scores, it’s been a constant in my studying environment and has been an amazing addition in every way.

According to studies by Northcentral University, “Music has a profound effect on our mood, blood pressure, and heart rate. For the best music to focus and study, choose tunes that keep you awake but won’t cause you to start tapping your body to the beat.” In my experience, classical music’s repetitive nature bored me and led to droopy eyes. On the other hand, the catchy beats of pop music enthralled me and led to singing along. Regardless, neither genre provided the right music to allow me to successfully study. As a perfect blend of the two, Disney Scores provides just the right amount of beat to serve as background music.

My favorites are without a doubt “The Beast Lets Belle Go” from Beauty and the Beast and “Transformation” from Aladdin. My familiarity with the movie soundtracks keeps me on my toes but not so much as to distract from my studying: the perfect mix. With over a thousand songs, there is no option of running out of music, and there are tunes featured from dozens of Disney movies. It’s like experiencing your favorite Disney movie through music while also knowing that you’re preparing yourself to nail your test tomorrow.

“It’s just a playlist,” one might remark. But, it’s not; it’s much more. It’s revolutionized the way I study and has kept me focused. I feel calmer and much more attentive as the soothing tunes transport me to a world of pure tranquility. The playlist’s ability to replace distraction with perception is completely apparent, as my test scores have started rising since studying with it. I never thought I would be calling a simple playlist life-changing, yet here I am.

I really cannot recommend the Disney Scores playlist enough. Next time you’re studying, give it a listen, and you’ll realize that something as simple as a compilation of songs can truly have such a monumental impact.